XoLove Bites celebrate the perfect union of Healthy Chocolate, L-arginine & Maca. With natural aphrodisiac properties that stimulate the brain’s “pleasure” chemicals XoLove creates the perfect “love food” for enhanced sexual function, increased passion and significantly more satisfaction in your love life.
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Improves Sexual Health
Stimulates mental/physical activity
Enhances Stamina
Show your love with XoLove Bites (we promise you’ll thank us later).

Increase your performance

XoLove Bites Healthy Chocolate, L-arginine & Macs formula e nhances cellular communication, fortifies immune function, modulates hormone production/activity, neutralizes free radicals and slows oxidative stress. Sure to impress on all levels.

ict-logo396 mg of flavonoids per serving.
40,824 ORAC 6 per serving.

The ICT Certification Program ensures that Beyond Healthy Chocolate products are tested and meet specific criteria several times each year. This seal will appear on all product packaging for complete customer confidence.

Ethically Sourced

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